Saturday, April 3, 2010

HE'S 9 !!

So today my firstborn turns the ripe old age of nine. I want to recognize this day first, by reflecting on this day nine years ago.
I had gone in for a routine appointment. It was my first of the two-week appointments. Let me preface by saying, I have an amazing O.B.! My sister also goes to the same doctor. She had already had her first, and her first was large! My sister in-law had also had her first, and her first was even larger! Due to this history she was concerned about my babies size. So she wanted to do an ultrasound on this appointment (my fifth during this pregnancy). I went in and they noticed my fluid was low. I was sent home on bedrest for the weekend and told to drink a lot of fluids. I was to come back Monday. Monday came and I had another ultrasound. This time the water was still low, but they noticed something wrong with the baby's profile that wasn't there before. I was scheduled for another ultrasound up at the U of U hospital which specializes in "late" term ultrasounds. I went Tuesday morning for my appointment. When I got there they took a look and found no water, that's right she said she could see no pockets of water. She also said the problem with his profile was because I had no water he was being crushed down into the birth canal and all his skin was rippling on his forehead. She sent me directly to my hospital to labor and delivery. I was 3 1/2 weeks away from my due date. I checked in at noon and by seven that night I was holding my healthy 7.1 lb (large)baby boy Conner Ashton Carlile. My doctor also commented that she had never seen a larger umbilical cord. She couldn't clamp it because of it's size. I can't tell you how many blogs I've read lately of people who had a stillbirth because of a "cord-incident". I realize how differently my outcome could have been if things hadn't happened the way they did. I am thankful for modern medicine and a doctor that was on top of things. I am so grateful that this is a day I celebrate the "birth" and "life" of my sweet boy! I love you Conner and I am so proud of who you are and who you are becoming. Thank you Heavenly Father for trusting him in my care and for intervening nine years ago.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

A Year in Review!

I know, this is a little late, but late is better than never! I along with the rest of the "well-meaning" world have set a few goals for myself for the year 2010. One of them being: To keep up with my Journal writing, or "Blog". I need to keep a better history of myself and my family. I want to remember this stuff when I'm old and need a good laugh!
So I thought I'd start by doing a quick re-cap of 2009.
Brandon: Is still working for Wasatch Electric as a Project Manager. He does well at it and likes it fairly well (most days). We have been very blessed in that his job has been relatively unaffected by the slow economy. His new side hobby is buying and selling wheelers. This is only in his well meaning attempt to find me the "perfect" wheeler.... right, just like he bought the shot-gun for me too!!
Conner: He is in third grade this year. He has Mr. Sikes (his first boy teacher) and seems to really like him. We all like him because he does a lot of physical fitness, Science, and lets the kids get creative. They have a program called A.R. essentially the kids read a book and then take a test online to prove they read it. They get points based on how well they do. Conner has the second highest A.R. points in his grade (Kaleb, his cousin, having the highest). He has also joined "Up with Kids" a program that learns and then performs a musical. The name of the musical is "The wonderfully wicked Wizard of Oz" He has really enjoyed it and I have enjoyed seeing him get over some of his stage fright. He also still plays soccer and did two sets of swimming lessons. He is developing into a great swimmer and loves the high dive. He also got Baptized this last year. In our family we get a really big party on our eighth birthday. He chose to go to Bouncin' off the Walls with 25 of his closest friends and cousins. He had a great time! He is a good kid who tries really hard to always make the right choices. He's a good example to his brother and sister.
Britton: He started Kindergaarten this last year. His teacher is Mrs. Wallis. We love his teacher. It so happens that Conner had the same teacher. He is doing well in school and seems to pick up on things quickly. His handwritting is horrible!! I have three brothers who all to this day have horrible handwritting, so it is a personal goal of mine to make sure my boys have nice handwritting. This is a battle that I fight daily with Britton. He hates handwriting. Britton also played soccer for the second year this last year. He enjoys it. He tried his hand at basketball this last year as well. Let's just say, basketball wasn't his sport. I think we'll stick to soccer. In swimming he moved up to the second level. His confidence in the water has always been good, we just need to give him some skills to go with that. He did jump (or get shoved by his teacher, however you want to look at it) off the diving board for the first time this summer. He turned six in Novemeber and chose to have his birthday party at Hollywood Connection for the second year in a row. He had a lot of fun. He is a fun kid that is always out for a good time. He adds a lot of personality to our family.
Ryann: Our tail end and only girl is the spunkiest of them all. She turned two in August and we just had a couple small family parties (one with each side of the family). For the most part, her brothers are very kind to her, but they have their moments when they just like to hear her scream. It is in these very situations that she has learned her "survival" skills. Those skills include: screamming, swinging at her brothers with whatever toy or bag is currently in her hand, and scratching. She has left a few good marks on each of her brothers. Outside of her fighting skills she is all girl. This girl loves anything "Princess". For Christmas she got princess dress-up clothes. Daily we dress up as a princess' and watch a princess movie. She loves to get her hair done, only if we call it "chapstick pretties", meaning she gets to apply chapstick during the pretty process. She is a lover of all make-up, chapstick being at the top of the list because it's the only one she gets to apply herself. Once her hair is done she needs some eye-shadow and lip-gloss before she can begin her day! She loves her mommy and has to be by her side at all times. She loved nursery in the beginning. She hit a rough patch around her birthday and refused to step foot in nursery. We've been working at it and can now get the tears stopped and get her to stay for all of class, yipee! It has been nice to have some estrogen in the house. I love dressing and doing the hair of a little girl. She is sweet and loving and has the greatest giggle.
Well 2009 was good to us. We look forward to a new year and all that it brings with it. Not much has changed with myself. I still have the best job ever (cause I can sleep in sometimes and take a nap). I have lots of hopes and dreams for this new year, I am not posting my new years resolutions for the fear of being judges if I fail. I am enjoying the journey.