Friday, December 18, 2009

Winter photo shoot 2009

So we are lucky enough to have an amazing new sister in-law that was willing to snap a few shots of the "newt-balls". We met her up at memory grove to get a "family shot" for the Christmas card and to get some individual shots of the chit-lins. Well due to circumstances out of my control the father figure had to work late. So, needless to say the Christmas card photo is kids only! Well despite the chill in the air and the quickly getting late hour I think they turned out awesome! Allison (Brettsters wifie) did a fab job. I attached a few of my favs,(I say a few because she took 246 pics)I love, love, love the "candid" shots. Have a look and let me know your fav!

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Chris and Erin said...

They are so darling. I cannot beleive how grown up your kids are. There was one with all three of them one of the boys was whispering in Ryann ear that was so cute there was also one with Ryann but one of the boys had his hands locked around her. So cute. I cannot beleive Brandon had to miss.