Tuesday, November 10, 2009

6 Years Today!

Another special day is upon us. My little Britton turns 6! It's hard to believe six years has gone so quickly. He has been an absolute joy. He is always up for a good time and where fun is there is Britton also. He is very easy going and good natured. He was my easiest baby and that trend has followed into childhood. He went through a phase where he didn't want to be hugged and kissed, luckily that phase has passed and now he insists on a hug and a kiss before he leaves or he has a "bad day". I love my Britton, he is amazing! So, since he is turning six I will list six things about him:
1. He loves to build things. He spends his time collecting "treasures" (junk) in-case he can use it in some future project.
2. He loves to go wheeling with his dad.
3. He loves to eat cheese pizza, steak, and shrimp.
4. He loves his brother and sister!
5. He loves going to school (I think socially more than academically although he excells at both)
6. He dreams of flying someday.
Attached are some pictures of Britton through the years, hope you enjoy them as much as I did. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRITTON!


Chris and Erin said...

They are both darling. I love Ryan's hair, well and Brittons for that matter. I cannot beleive how old they are getting.

Kimi said...

Oh, great pictures!

Jake said...

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